How Long Will A Directional Drilling Project Take?

We do a lot of one-day projects. We can certainly drill 500 feet in a day. In some cases larger projects can be fully completed in a weekend.

What is Your Minimum Footage - The Smallest Directional Drilling Job You Will Do?

50 feet - or less with a minimum per visit fee.

How Much Does It Cost to Do Horizontal Directional Drilling?

It is usually cheaper (and certainly cleaner) than traditional trenching! We typically price by the linear foot and the dimension of the pipe you are putting in.

Will Your Equipment Damage Our Landscaping?

The whole concept of horizontal directional drilling is to preserve your landscaping and avoid the appearance of destroyed landscaping. We have many techniques for minimizing impact and can discuss particular concerns with you during your estimate.

Do You Do Drilling Work For Contractors?

Due to our extensive experience in directional boring, we are called on by Electricians, General Contractors and Sign Installers from all over Illinois. When you call us, if we are too busy to take your job we have dozens of friends in the HDD boring industry that we can refer you to.

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